We said our Goodbyes

In the last posts, I teased youtease with some changes happening in our lives. It was just a tease, mostly because we were waiting for all the paper works and bureaucracy to conclude. I wouldn’t want to share too much peekuntil everything was official and done. So sorry for the wait. But we said our goodbyes.

So here it is:

We said our Goodbyes and we moved nicesurprisedshy!!! To our own first homeheart.

We bought our first apartment. For the last 4 years, we’ve lived in a rented flat, in the lovely neighborhood of Oliwa.  We were flirting with the idea to invest in our own apartment in 2018, but we hadn’t actually taken that decisionwondering. Or took any action on it. It was just a thought. Well, life had other plans and it just happened that our owner decided to move in the flat he was renting to us. It was probably the kick in the butt that we needed. It was a big decision for us, especially since we have pets. Which usually makes renting more challengingboringbomb. And the number of cats has literately doubled since the last time we rented a flat.

And luckily ( actually thanks to a few good years of budgeting, saving and cutting costs ) it was a good time for us to make this move. It’s always a stressful periodangry and you can never really estimate how long it will take. There are too many factors influencing the whole process.

Now that it’s all over, I can say that everything went smoothly niceand we are so grateful that we had not only professional, but also very friendly people doing their job.

I felt as if I was holding my breath for 2 months and when it was all done, I just exhaled it allbomb. Every little step forward I worried something might come up that we hadn’t foreseen. However, now I feel like all the stars aligned for us to be able to do this. OK, there was no actual astrological mambo jumbonotsure, but it was a favorable moment for us. We were financially ready, our owner agreed to give us enough time to do this and we met some professional people who provided accurate provided information and did their job in a timely and friendly manneradoreclap. Even going to the bank, I was scared the clerk might be cold and not willing to help ( had such past experiences). But she was actually sweet surprisedand offered some advice to avoid any unpleasant situations later on.

Beautiful old neighborhood of Oliwa

I lived in the beautiful old neighborhood of Oliwa for exactly 4 years. To the dot. M moved in about 3 months later, but it was still a good chunk of our lives spent in that area. I used to hate that flat for a long time. There were so many small things I would notice that it always reminded me that it’s a temporary homeweep. The mismatched furniture, the splatters on the kitchen wall, the floor that was never installed properly, the kitchen that had no prospect of ever being my dream kitchen. It took me a long time to get comfortable there. And I’m sure that with some renovation it would have been a great apartment, but it was just not for us.

Nevertheless, I loved how quiet it always washeart. And the gardens around the house were so beautiful in the summersun.

Sometimes I would just stop and stare thru the living room window at the huge tree outside. And one of our favorite games was spotting cats in the gardensgiggle. And we loved to go for a walk to the lake near by and watching the duckies. Sometimes we used to feed them. And we always got a delicious quick lunch from Piñata. Awesome tacos and cheesy quesadillas. Every now and then, we would go the viewing tower called Pachołek, in the forest not so far away. The view is amazing from up therenice. The sea is visible, part of the city and all the forest surrounding it. It was one of the best and most beautiful places I ever lived in.

We said our goodbyes to all thatsad, packed our stuff and crap and cats and moved to our own little place. Of course, I’m only a few tram stops away from Oliwahi, so it’s not like it’s all lost to me.

The official goodbyes and big move was 1 month ago, but with work, moving, arranging everything notsureand getting sick for more than a week bomb, I didn’t manage to post sooner.  I will take some photos soon, of the new neighborhood, and share first impressions.  So stay tuned for that adore.

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