Tuesday Poaching

Last week I got a new oven and I’m ECSTATIC niceshy. It’s wonderful and I can at last try all those recipes for meringues, eclairs, macaroons and my favorite recipe for brownies, desserts that require a controlled and precise temperature. I’ve already tested it on Friday night with a first batch of pink and purple meringues and a loaf of bread todaygiggle. Aaaahhh….to be able to relax knowing nothing will burnboring.

Mushrooms Chicken with Green Peas Rice…the chicken and and mushrooms were cooked in a delicious sauce of white wine, chicken stock, creme fraiche and herbs. It was paired with green peas rice which I  learned how to makeheartclap, fallowing the advice of a friend who loves to cook rice. My previous method was to boil the rice for ages in huge amount of water until it turned to mash.

Tuesday-Poaching-17.11.2017Tuesday-Poaching-17.11.2015Ghost Meringues...or more like Ku Klux Klan giggle. I was waiting for the new oven to make the meringues recipes, so it was an easy pick this week-end. Meringues are not as difficult to make as they say, but you do need to follow a few steps to the letter and be patient with the long bakingconfused.  I’m still getting the hang of it, so I’m making them quite often. As a result, I have a lot of yolk on my hands. I used them for some carbonara, but I might have to get creative since Marcin doesn’t want any creamy desserts like custardsboring.

Tuesday-Poaching-17.11..2015-2 Tuesday-Poaching-17.11.2015-3 Tuesday-Poaching-17.11.2015-2Coconut Meringues with Cream Cheese filling and Strawberries…it’s quite difficult to find strawberries now, but I did have homemade strawberry jam that my mum made. It was very good (as any homemade jam) and it went well with the sweetness of the meringues and cream cheese. The meringues were supposed to be with coconutlookdown, but I forgot to add itno even though it was sitting right next to the bowl…..I got too excited at the prospect of piping the meringuespeek.


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