Tuesday Poaching

After our food fiesta or food coma on Saturday and movie marathon giggle (pizza, onion rings, nachos, curry paste hummus, sriracha mayo and 3 movies), I opted for a chicken salad and…that’s about as much as I could eat on Sunday. However, I had to finally grab the bull by the hornsweep and make this drunken berries cake which I kept avoiding…and for good reasons, it’s like a cake box, filled with juicy fruits….a disaster waiting to happened bomb.

But summer is almost over and I was afraid I won’t find any berries so the dreadful moment arrived.

The Vietnamese Chicken and Peanut Salad sounded delicious but as I started mixing all the ingredients I got skeptical notsure. Turned out I was wrong. The chicken was cooked in coconut milk, something I want to remember for other recipes and mixed with sesame, onion, chilies and so one. I’d add a bit less fish sauce, as it has a very distinct taste and smell of an old sharp French cheese…not fish, cheese…it’s a great flavor to use, but less is more. The mint and basil were a lovely addition of fresh aromaheart.

Tuesday Poaching Tuesday PoachingThe Summer Pudding with Drunken Berries Filled Cake called first of all for 2 store bought Madeira Cakes (simple almond cake) but since I felt ambitious, of course I decided to make it myself light. Basic ingredients, just a simple cake, what could go wrong…piece of cake. HA! Failed! My loaf tin is a bit bigger than a normal size so didn’t have enough batter, the top burned and once it cooled down it dropped making a huge crater in the middle…ugly sight cry….yet, I got the taste right. Hence no cake…had to resign myself and buy one from the store. I managed to assemble the whole thing (I read the instructions like 10 times) and after a night in the fridge it actually stoodsurprised…like a cake boxsurprised…and didn’t collapse surprised. Uhuuu, achievement unlocked, you may proceed to the next level! This cake tastes incredible: berries with a cake layer sweetened with cinnamon ginger blueberries vodka syrup. It was also supposed to be served with chocolate sauce which just now I realized I totally forgot about . Oh well….laugh

Tuesday PoachingCheerio!

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