Tuesday Poaching

I’ve had quite an exciting week….for the nerd in melaugh. Apart from cooking, I do love movies and books with parallel universes where there are super heroes with magic hammers or green skin or apocalyptic situations or plain old magic and fairies. The tickets for the new much awaited (when did the time fly ?!) Star Wars episode 7 8 (getting ahead of myself)shynicewere out and we bought them immediately! No questions asked. I’m getting more knowledge and nerdier with each day on the topic, so I’ll probably talk more and more about it, the closer we’ll be to the premier in December. I now spend quite some time on Wookieepedia (yeah, you read that right WOOKIEEpedia giggle) reading random facts or about the lives of different characters of the massive universe of Star Warsheart.

In addition, in November there will be premiere of Hunger Games nice, last part of the trilogy. I was hooked with the movies, even more than the books, which I devoured in about 2 weekspeek. I went so far as too take a day off work cause I couldn’t put the book down. I read the second book while the movie came out, so I remember taking a break, running to the cinema for the movie and coming back immediately to read where I left off. It can be a real pain in the ass to have to wait one year in between moviesboring. Argh! And now I’ll get to see all 4 movies in one gogiggle. Whoop Whoop!!!

Moving from one obsession to another…..

Salmon with Broccoli, Peas and Orange Dressing. It probably took me about 10 minutes to put together this dish, if I don’t count chopping the chilli (the usual one, not so deathly spicy one bomb ). A good point to remember from the this recipe is not to over boil veggies. In general, veggies will turn to mush and lose the beautiful colors they have cry. I cooked the broccoli for no longer than 6-7 minutes. The salmon the same. It was quick and healthy and the orange dressing brought all the flavor it needed.

Tuesday-Poaching Tuesday-Poaching-1Apple Granola with Honey Drizzle…whenever I choose this “dessert” before I was usually too lazy and tired by the time everything else was ready and photographed, so I kept postponing, eating the applespeek and so on. This time I persevered past my laziness and decided to just do it already. I do eat plenty of granola with yogurt and fruits, however Lorraine just manage to elevate this simple breakfast, snack or dessert (it was in dessert section….for me it’s every meal or coursesmile). I only added some vanilla extract and apple juice than what I normally have it with and it was just amazing. Sweet, with a delicate hint of vanilla and crunchy applesheart.

Tuesday-Poaching-2 Tuesday-Poaching-3Panna Cota with Strawberry Pomegranate Jelly….I’ve made this dessert before on different occasions, but the one time I tried to pour it in a glass, with a diagonal line it was a total fail weepso I was pleased with myself that I manage to do it this time. A bit more gelatin can do wonders for one’s self esteem hi. I do not like jelly, of any kind, but to follow Lorraine’s recipe I made the sacrifice and poured it over the panna cota. The whole process was quite quick, usually one just needs to be patient until the cream sets.

Tuesday-Poaching-4It was really no hassle at all this week-end, everything was done in a jiffy, low level of difficulty and most importantly, minimum dishes to dolookdown.

But I know there’s these 2 cakes I am terrified of confusedand I keep postponing them. I’ll probably need some special practice in preparation.

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