Tuesday Poaching

wuawuaweewua (the sound of hapiness)….lovely cake came out of my kitchen cake. Beautiful, straight lines, sweet and “otterly” delicious, packed with orange flavor and a hint of almonds. The cream between the cake layers is vanilla rum mascarpone, then finished it off with a cream cheese frosting and slightly candied orange slices heart.  I checked a few tips and tricks on cake decorating and I got the basics so far.

Orange-Almond-Cake-2 Orange-Almond-Cake-3These cakes with layers can use quite a lot of ingredients but the results is worth it and brings a lot of joy to others giggle. This was more for practice so hopefully the next one, when I’ll have an actual reason to bake it, will be just as good. Who knows, I might surprise myself surprised and get really hooked on baking cakes.

Orange-Almond-Cake Orange-Almond-Cake-6 Orange-Almond-Cake-7Aside for this marvelous colorful cake, I filled the house with the smell of roasted chicken and chocolate muffins with cream cheese frosting. Since it’s winter and I finish the meal waaaaay after 15.00 o’clock (the last hour to take decent photos with natural light), I improvised with my bedside lamp…and that’s the overexposed results right there, on the chicken. What can I say ?! I love to stay lazy in bed on week-ends heartnice, day-dream, slowly wake up, then read a bit.

Moroccan Roasted Chicken with Cumin Roasted Potatoes and Minted Peas – the chicken was marinated for at least 1 hour in a mixture of spices and olive oil. I wanted to stick my head in the bowl and live there forever nice, that’s how amazing the aroma waslookdown. Once the chicken relaxed for some time in all those spices it went in the oven for about 1,5 hrs. Potatoes were roasted with cumin and olive oil, while the peas were cooked and sprinkled with mint, salt and pepper.

Tuesday-poaching-071220157 Tuesday-poaching-071220156 Tuesday-poaching-071220155Chocolate Muffins Spider….I was a bit disappointed by the muffinssleepy. Not sure if it’s me or the difference in ingredients or what, but the baking recipes from the book just don’t come our rightboring. All the other meals, salads and whatnot are excellent, but the baking stuff is just not right for me. These muffins came out drysad and I made muffins before, so something was definitely off. I used the same cream cheese frosting I made for the cake and didn’t really bother on decorating them as in the book. I don’t like spiders so I’ m not going to go there.Once was enough.

Tuesday-poaching-07122015 Tuesday-poaching-071220152 Tuesday-poaching-071220154 Tuesday-poaching-071220153

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