Tuesday poaching

For the last week it has been a wonderful nice weather in Poland sun, even all the way up north in our Polish corner. It really felt like summer, at least like the ones that I learned to love and hate: hot, melting, melting even in the shadow, warnings from the authorities, ignored warning by grannies eager to go out and floods of tourists notsure. However, I do not complain on the more typical colder summers of Poland. Having such temperatures of 35 up to 40 degrees Celsius for 3-4 months can be terribly exhausting or even depressing if you live in a touristic area and you see everyone going to the beach while you go to the urban modern plantation to work for 8 hours. This reminds me of the harvesting plantations in The Matrix surprised. Most probably I would also become addicted to tanning and would be on the beach every week-end and turn into a baked potato thumbsdown.

So, as much as I’ve enjoyed these past days, being in the kitchen with a hot oven and a working stove …..is hell boring. Chopping things, cleaning counter tops , moving left and right, up and down (I’m short…I need a chair to reach upper shelves) makes it seem even hotter. Luckily the sun doesn’t shine on the side of the house where my kitchen is. Further luck, there’s a huge tree in front of the window …which means I cooked only in my granny panties…giggleno

Here’s what I cooked…while prancing around in my granny panties…feel free to imagine this as a pervert hero or a prude peek.

Grilled Sugar Snaps and Courgette Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing. The main ingredients here were the sugar snaps and courgette (and green beans which I didn’t find) and by far this was the greenest salad I have ever had. Very simple and the grilled veggies had a wonderful aroma. First time I peeled a vegetable paper thin slices using a vegetable peeler. It was something I wanted to try for some time. It’s quite easy and makes a ton of slices out of one vegetable. It’s probably a great way to add veggies in a tart, making those pretty roses you see on the internet.

Tuesday PoachingChicken Piccatta with Shallots and Lemon and Parsley Pasta. I loved making this recipe and I was drooling at the pages of the book for weeks already. The chickens had an intense lemon flavor from the sauce and I can never say no to anything that includes lemon (…and cheese…and avocado). However, I realized I can’t boil pasta properly…al dente and all that.

Tuesday Poaching Tuesday Poaching

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