Tuesday Poaching

My biggest achievement this week was making croissants for the first timeclap. And caching a coldnotsure. And buying tickets for the Hunger Game marathon, though not the best seats…. I lost the best seats to the hordes of hormones driven puberty adolescentsboring , 2 days after release….got damn it!!!

But I had one of my homemade buttery croissants (insert french accent here ) and felt better giggle. Croissants are a delicate pastry that will suck the soul out of you for about 3 dayscry… there’re these steps that you must do every day, after which the dough has to rest, relax  and be zen for the next daygiggle. It actually only takes about 20 minutes each day, but each step is crucial. There are probably also some quicker recipes out there, but I’ll keep to the classic version for now. My croissants came out quite nicely for the first try, “dough” I know I have to still work on packing the butter in the dough and rolling it. Nevertheless, it’s quite a rewarding process….the kitchen smelled amazing on Sunday morning. nice

11219730_502963933211305_6592686204763012679_n 12208714_502977693209929_5139652678978224464_nApart for the croissants, I obviously prepared some recipes from Lorraine’s Pascale book How to be a Better Cook…and already choose her next books that I want to try …hehe giggle.

Sesame Beef and Broccoli with Honey Soy Sauce and Chilli Rice….the dish had a nicely pan fried beef, covered with sesame, paired with broccoli, onion spring, chives and a nice honey soy sauce. To go with that we made rice sprinkled with ginger and chillies. Some years ago I was under the impression that all food, especially meat, should be cooked or boiled for hoursboring, but that’s not always the case. I fried the beef around 2,5 – 4 minutes on each side , to be medium or well done.

Tuesday Poaching Tuesday-poaching-2 10 niomebrieFour Beans Salad with Honey Lime Dressing…mine had three types of beans cause I couldn’t find four different ones. There’s not much to tell honestly, it’s beans salad. I probably prepare some other time also, but would add some extra beans or veggies  to it….perhaps some fetawondering?

Tuesday-poaching-3 10 niomebrie

Tuesday-poaching 10 noiembrieMorrocan Carrot and Chickpeas Salad had a bit more of a flavor punch to it compared to the bean salad, probably due to the cumin and paprika powder. I also enjoyed the crunchiness of the carrot ribbons.  When I started this project I thought I’ll get bored fast, but I’m more and more fascinated and surprised by the recipesheart, the different flavors and all the variate of veggies I’ve been eating.

Tuesday-poaching-5 10 niomebrie Tuesday-poaching-6 10 niomebrie

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