Tuesday Poaching

Since winter is already herenotsure, though technically it’s only autumn, I will from now on  spend my week-ends in the kitchen. It’s not only warmer there sun, but I can distract myself from the outdoorsy activities I’m not able to do for some monthsthumbsdown. It will not be a complete winter hibernation, despite the fact that I deeply envy the Moomins for their winter choice clap. They all snuggle up in bed under the blankets and sleep till spring comes. I’ve never fancy winter beyond the month of Decembergift. At least up to the holiday season there’s this sense of anticipation and buzznice .After that it’s an incessant struggle and hassle to survive the cold. Some things that help:

  • mulled winewine
  • warm fat kitties purring on top of youheart
  • movie marathons
  • more hot winewine
  • white fluffy snow (makes for a magical view)
  • hot soups
  • and lastly…..hot winewine

I detest the cold, I loathe the minimum 3 layers of clothes, I despise the deficit of cheap berries …..Brace Yourselves! I’m gonna complain relentlessly boring!…and my oven will be on constantly.

For this week I picked….

A Roasted Beetroot and Apple Cumin Salad. Very rapid and light and I was surprised to see that I enjoyed the beetroot….well it was drenched in cumin and vinaigrette so maybe not such a revelation peek.

Tuesday-Poaching Tuesday-Poaching-1….a delicious yet UBER-SPICY-MY-MOUTH-WAS-ON-FIRE cryweepCurry with coconut milk, sweet potato, baby corn, sugar snap peas and curly shrimps….all good so far…aaaand Habanero Chilli.…which is 5 times spicier than the Tabasco Chili I generally use bomb. This stuff is DANGEROUSsurprised. I’ve learned that the hard way….or the hot way. When you work with extremely spicy chili always and at all times use rubber cloves when you touch the little ball of flame. I didn’t and my hands were like on fire for 4 hoursweep even with all the lemon juice I squeezed over my hands (lemons juice annuls the spiciness…up to some degree). I would also boil the potatoes less next time as they kinda turned to mash.
The recipe included as well flat bread, almost like the one I make.

Tuesday-Poaching-3   Tuesday-Poaching-6Tuesday-Poaching-5

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