Tuesday Poaching

At the beginning of the year my Foxy Friend and I started a book challengehero(wish I had a geeky emoticon). The list is simple, I should read a book that would fit in a certain category such as one word book title, the title contains a color, the book was published in my birth year, an epistolary book and so on. There are about 30 categories and I didn’t fool myself laugh into believing that I’ll actually do it all in one year….not with my list of activities. However, I really appreciated the variety and felt enthusiasticshy to choose books different than what I normally go for. I actually finally got my hands on some that I wanted to read for ages but never got to do it.

Well notsure….I’ve been either picking up the wrong books or my attention span is very short this year, as I started a few books and abandoned half way peek…did not feel that certain thrill, anticipation and curiosity that you do when you can’t put the book down. I tried for example Misery by Stephen King, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, Children of men by P. D. James…wait, this one I actually managed to finish, fueled by the hope that something…ANYTHING…exciting would happen, but nope (awesome movie btw, the book lacked that action and emotion I got from the movie). Some books were great heart, but in the last weeks I struggled to find something captivating.

Finally on Sunday I actually spent whole 5 hours nicereading Little Children by Tom Perrotta. I just got hooked up by the characters and their lives. There’s also a movie based on it, with Kate Winslet. The trailer seems promising so I’m eager to see it.

I took a break from my reading to cook some lunch based on Lorraine’s Pascale book, for Tuesday Poaching.

They are both easy to make and very tasty smile.

Tortilla Pizza with Tomatoes, Cheese and Rocket to make a much much much faster and lighter pizza. I used wholewheat tortillas (which are so much tastier with all those crunchy seeds in it), covered it with a bit of olive oil, tomatoes, paprika and cheese, baked it till the tomatoes were roasted, topped with rocket and Voila! Pizza Done!

Tuesday Poaching Tuesday Poaching Tuesday PoachingCaribbean Toastie Cups with Avocado, Mango and Mint, recipe done also based on tortillas since I badly wanted to go back to my reading. Tortillas were cut in quarters, baked for a few minutes in a muffin tin then filled with a salad of mango, avocado, beans, mint and spices. I think these would go great for a small party.

Tuesday Poaching Tuesday Poaching

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