Tuesday Poaching

Got a lot support, encouragement and a culinary surprise this week-end.
Friday started with a small party for my sexy foxy friend (she’s a redhead…mrreow hero ) so I baked her a super moist and delicious cake full of lemon flavor and blueberries, topped with cream cheese frosting. And to make it really for her, I decorated it with purple bunnies, two of her favorite things. Considering this was my second or third cake ever, it turned out pretty well and everyone liked it and I really appreciated the positive feedback nice, even though I probably looked like I wanted to disappear under the table peek. It really gave me the courage to try more cake recipes smile.
Lemon Blueberry Cake
On Saturday there was a Food Truck Festival from which I just couldn’t stay away. Got a big ol’burger heart (and by old I mean a classic, they were obviously fresh and over the top yummy) and a huge portion of Belgian Fries. After exploring the surroundings a bit and snapping some photos of the shipyard, I got some room in my belly for some hot chewy kurtosh. It reminds me a lot of home and it’s not very often that I can have them in Poland. And that makes it even more special heart.

Stuffing burger

Cheese Burger Shipyard Crane Moving on to Tuesday Poaching recipes, from Lorraine’s book, I tried this time Honey Glazed Sausages, Almond Crust Baked Fish with yogurt dip and Pasta Bolognese . There was also a kale pomegranate salad on the list but guess what ?! I forgot to buy the main ingredient: KALE thumbsdown!!!

The sausages glazed with honey were such a surprise surprisednice. This pairing made me very skeptical at first but boy was I wrong. The sausages covered in honey were AMAZING and I happened to have one of my favorite mustards, a caramelized one, which elevated the taste from AMAZING to SUPER AWESOME nice ….OK, I need to bring down my heart rate now giggle.

Honey Glazed Sausages Honey glazed sausageThe fish fingers were pretty tasty and I would say a healthy snack. I usually make something similar with chicken, so the crushed almonds crust is really something to remember.

Almond crusted fish with yogurt dipPasta Bolognese was delicious, as pasta usually is. I would tone down on the oil a bit, as I don’t like really greasy food, which is something I can’t stress enough and Marcin already learned this the hard nagging way giggle. It’s totally not about calories or whatever, I just don’t enjoy greasy meats or other foods.

Pasta BologneseSo this was it for this rainy sunny summery Tuesday. Some exciting prospects and idea popped up today which I hope they will materialize in a bit over a month and I’ll be able to write about them.  So fingers crossed smile.

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