Tuesday Poaching

if you’ve read this post, you will know that I was complaining about my lack of ability to finish a book lately notsure. Well, guess what! I managed to read one till the end, finished it in the second week-end….yes, great achievement! Well, considering that the days when I used to finish a book in one-two days are long gone, it’s quite important for me adorebaloon. And it seems the current one is going quite well also. It’s by same author, so there must be something to this guy’s bookswondering.Tuesday-Poaching-6-1509Tuesday-Poaching-9-1509Moving past my reading, I choose 3 recipes  based on vegetables and a pasta dish for this week’s Tuesday Poaching. Apart from my opinions on tastes or ingredients, there were no problems with the recipes. I noticed that the challenging ones are the ones with dough or baking weep. Also, I’ll slowly have to start making the lamb recipes so I need to find a place that serve quality lamp lamb meat bomb, which is not a very popular meat in Poland.

 Kale Salad with Pear, Hazelnut and Maple Dressing was quick and easy. I might even get too used to some combinations, as I can’t say i was blown away sleepy. The pear and maple added a sweet flavor and took a bit of the bitterness of the kale. Howeveeeeerrrr…… I’m not huge fan of kale, I would serve this salad as side dish, but not by itself. It’s only a matter of taste smile.

Tuesday-Poaching-3-1509Tuesday-Poaching-7-1509Baked Sweet Potatoes stuffed with Beans, Chili and Red Peppers….OK, you should already know by now that I’m a huuuuge fan of sweet potatoes shyso anything containing this orange root vegetable is already a winner with me victory. The filling was a mixture of tomato sauce and tomato chunks, beans, chili, peppers, corn and spices, topped with sour cream. Delish!
Tuesday-Poaching-1-1509Tuesday-Poaching-2-1509 Tuesday-Poaching-4-1509 Roasted Cabbage with a Warm Pecan Thyme Dressing….mmm….yeah….I burned the  the nuts clap (I used walnuts cause pecans are expensive), probably working on the other recipes, but apart from that this mixture did nothing for me…..absolutely nothing….it just felt like warm cabbage with walnuts. Meh notsure!Tuesday-Poaching-8-1509Tuesday-Poaching-5-1509   Grilled Chicken Breasts on Linguine with Salsa Puttanesca…..and it was awesome! The sauce was the obvious star of the dish, with capers, green olives and…AND….anchovies…nom nom nomheart. Additionally, a great improvement was that I manage to boil a decent amount of pasta, not so much that I could feed a whole army, but decent, normal amount enough for two medium servings….plus, made them al dente clap. Level unlocked! Tuesday-Poaching-11-1509 Tuesday-Poaching-10-1509

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