Summer watermelon salad

This summer watermelon salad comes from my significant otter. It was his suggestion to make it since he loved this salad and made it before. It’s another fruit and cheese combination, like the strawberry goat cheese tart I posted a few days ago. It’s extremely easy to make, very light and refreshing adore.

For a fancier look, use a melon baller to scoop small watermelon balls. Serve it in a small cute bowl and it will be a wonderful light starter.clap

Summer watermelon salad

On a different note, I’m writing from my couch (this was on Tuesday, publishing Friday night ) , sitting under the blanket and listening to Gus Black. His music is some of my blogging music. It’s just so calm and southing. Haven’t been feeling psychically well today so I had to cancel my gym training. Which I don’t usually do just when I feel lazy. So this made me feel less productive and not accomplishing all I had planned for to day boring. But that’s ok adore. Sometimes we have to be accommodating with our own mental and physical needs and to know when to listen to our bodies. Tomorrow is another day and plenty more days for training and productivity to come smile.

Chilling together…

As well as plenty more days to relax and to care of ourselves. My otter and I have planned a day off for ourselves to watch some movies which we are behind with, try this pizza place ( HELLO truffle pizza niceshy) and enjoy each others companies. Yes, we DO have to set a day for watching movies and catch up with series. This is one of our common interests. We enjoy discussing the plots and what happens behind the scenes, filming techniques, the directors and their vision or what was the inspiration. Some series or less blockbusterish movies are inspired from real life stories. Either books or interesting comics, which we usually explore further. I’m definitely  the one that reads the books before or after enjoying a movie.Afterwards I’m providing more insight and details on the topic. My otter on the other hand knows so much about directors and their work and style, it’s fascinating surprised.

On books and movies…

Something that I read lately that you could also watch is The Martian ( a bit technical space NASA physics language at times but nothing to spoil if for you) or Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (a sequel is coming out this year, of 1982 The Blade Runner, YEEEEEEEEY ).There are also cases when I’m captivated with the movie and trilled as I’m about to read the book and find out it’s a total disappointment. Like with American Psycho or I am legend. I kept pushing till the very end of the books. I was hoping for some plot twist, some tears in my eyes, some chills down my spine, some fear, any god damn emotions!…meh, nothing.

OK, enough blabbering. Enjoy the summer watermelon salad and let me know down below or social media if you liked this combination. Cheers victory!


1 half of a medium watermelon, preferably cold
150 grams creamy feta cheese
1/2 cup fresh mint, finely chopped
1/2 cup fresh basil, finely chopped

Yields 4 servings


  1. Cut the watermelon bite sizes or scoop small balls if you have a fruit/melon baller. Place them on a kitchen paper towel to soak some of the water in the watermelon (don’t skip this step). Place the watermelon in a bowl
  2. Spread the creamy feta cheese along with the herbs over the melon and give it a gentle stir
  3. It’s DONE surprised ! Enjoy hi
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