Last year around Easter I went shopping for some Easter decorations. It was my first year in Poland, without my family, so I wanted to have Easter feeling in my home not only with food, but also with a few decorations. I found Mr. Bunny sitting on the store shelf, probably chit chatting with the Easter sheep and chickens laugh.

Initially he dutifully served his purpose and held one funny egg on the table. Then Easter passed and he was still on my table and I found myself taking random photos of Mr. Bunny and some bottle. He has some real modelling skills hero. My boyfriend and I thought he looked funny so on the first occasion I cooked, we included Mr. Bunny in the photo.


Mr. Bunny with his initial purpose.

Mr. BunnyMr. Bunny with his true purpose in life. He looks content, wouldn’t you say so nice ?Mr. BunnyMr. BunnyI liked him so much that Mr. Bunny became an important part of my cooking journey.

Mr. Bunny

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