My Persona

Welcome to my blog hiand my little corner of tasty recipes, food photography, the occasional burned pot and pile of dishes. All is laid out here for you out of my passion for foodnice, love for photography and the joy of feeding people. And the occasional cat!

I’m Lia and just like an artichoke, onion or cabbage, I’m made of many layers. Some are hard, some are soft, but always wonderful when handled with care, affection and a smileadore.

I’m a Romanian living in charming Gdansk (Poland)heart, food lover, avocado obsessed, slave to my cats, ultimate partner when it suits me, crazy for cheese, a perfectionist in rehab, over user of emoticons and gifs.

I have a talent for remembering all celebrity gossips, but no historical facts of actual interest notsure. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are my social friends at homestar. Big Bang is my crew of nerds.  When I feel down, I get my boost of confidence from my friend Liz Gillbert. When I’m lazy, Mel Robbins gives me the kick in the butt that I need. When I’m not reading their books, I’m hooked on dystopian/utopian and fantasy books. Addicted to Youtube. Also in rehab for thatgiggle. Being mostly organized, I plan my days and nights in my Bullet Journal.

My Journey

This is my journey and adventures with food in my small kitchen, learning the basics, failing at the basics, tackling challenging recipes, cleaning the pots and starting again, all under the lens of the camera. I want us to learn together handshakeniceand become confident in the kitchen. My recipes as are as my tastes and personality: balanced and opened to all flavorssmile.

I’d love to hear from you:

Facebook: Mr.Bunny’s Cooking Adventures 
Instagram: Mr.BunnyCooking 


My Kitties

My lovely assistants : Misha (aka Sack Boy ) and Stefan (aka Prince of Darkness)

I could not have more different cats than these two here.

Misha-focused   Misha is the lunatic, running from one corner to the other, playing with every possible thing he can find, stealing all my hair elastics for his own amusement…a total goof ball.We call him Sack Boy cause his belly hangs like a soft pouchgiggle .

As my assistant, he’ll appear in some of the photos cleaning after a photo session, testing and making sure that the food has the right consistency.



And then we have Stefan, the Prince of Darkness, walking like the noble feline that he is, too wise for petty toys boring .


He’s posture and behavior are those of a lord, he will not beg for food in the noisy way of Misha, but just sits next to you, following your every move, or laying a gentle paw to inform you that he is there….waiting…staring at you.

He will not be picked up, squized in a hug or played with, as with Misha, for he is the Lord of Darkness and will be petted only when and where he wishes (his head only).

But he’s sweeeeet and he knows it hero.


He’s not very excited to appear in my photos, but he will indulge me from time to time.

 Special Thanks

Thank you to the people that shared their ideas and time for my blog and made this bunny very happy.

To Adelina, who simply told me “let’s do it” when it was just a distant dream for me and hours later we had a blog page for my Bunny. It was quickly clear to me why she likes consultancy management so much.

To Christi, the technical master mind behind the blog, who brought it to life, made it up and running and added all those details that I wouldn’t have thought of. You can find him here 🙂

To Alice, who created the image of Mr. Bunny and put him on canvas which I now dearly hanged in my work room.

To Lucia, who used her talented little fingers to saw me this sweet beautiful apron. It makes me feel like a girl from the 50’s.

And of course, to my partner in crime, who has to taste everything I cook, has to see me covered in flour, throwing spoons when I’m frustrated and doesn’t mind when I skip on movie nights so I can write, edit or immerse myself in photography tutorials.

Humma Kavula hi

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  1. Ma bucur atat de mult ca te-am descoperit, de cred ca-i voi fi vesnic recunoscatoare lui Adi Hadean, pentru proiectul cu internii.
    Ah, spuneai ceva de neerlandeza, well, eu am stat pe bancile scolii timp de un an si cateva luni, intr-o scoala din Belgia, dar dupa 3 ani de locuit aici tot nu simt ca-s la nivelul dorit de mine. Oricum, daca ai ceva cunostinte de germana + engleza, o vei scoate cumva la capat, sunt sigura!

    • Mr. Bunny

      Bună. Mulțumesc frumos, este într-adevar o oportunitate, o surpriză la care nu mă așteptam :), deși eu am trimis singură aplicația. Și eu fost un an în Olanda, dar fiind mai mult axată pe studii, am învațat limba mai mult după ce m-am întors și tot așa am încercat. Dar cred că mai repede se lipesc rețete de mine decât limbile străine :).

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