Crumbles of life in Malta

Since this is the last day of August and summer I guess it’s the perfect moment to reminiscence on my holiday in Malta heart. One of the best I ever had. Oh wait, still 21 more days of summer according to Poland boring.  It was probably the most relaxing holiday, with nothing planned ahead, with time spent enjoying the sea and laughing my ass off with one of my favorite people.

Holiday in Malta 

My friend asked what I wanted to do or visit and I kept saying nothing. Absolutely nothing nice! All I wanted to do was whatever we felt like in that particular moment, no plan, just spontaneous ideas and good mood. And this was a perfect recipe to actually relax and charge my batteries. As opposed to filling like I would need another vacation after the holiday. Of course, I was counting on my friend being there and knowing where to go, so that helped a lot. Additionally, this was my second time going, so I’ve already visited or done the more touristic activities.

So I had 8 days of sun, beautiful views, good food and lots and lots of laughter. And nothing it more relaxing than being able to be yourself, giggling, chuckling, being silly and chitchatting about all and nothing.

All the pictures are taken with the phone and edited in an app. I didn’t want to carry my heavy camera or be constantly stressed about it. And some days, we didn’t even have the phones with us. Those precious moment we immortalized them in our hearts…yes, I can be cheesy when I want to.

I love narrow charming streets 

Best of times 

Lazy morning…croissant and coffeecoffee with the most amazing view…..actually woke up at 7, but with the right motivation early mornings are a blessing.

With my Cristina Yang …together for 15 years, no matter where we live heart. If you don’t get the reference you are no longer my friendnotsure. Unless you’re a dude, it’s understandable.

It’s a wonderful place for a holiday in Malta. It may just be a small island…more like teeny weeny, but it has plenty to offer. There are loads of things to see and visit, for all tastes, beautiful views and you can be sure the food is delicious.

Taking in all that vitamin D we lack in Poland…..shit, I got caught waring a YOLO cap notsurelaugh

I had the best pizza ever niceheartshy, during my holiday in Malta!….I swear it’s absolutely delicious, and exceptionally cheap.  It’s served at a window shop and I have no idea what it contains, but I couldn’t care less. On my last day, I just wanted another juicy fluffy hot cheesy slice of that goodness pizza heaven.

More face stuffing

Fooling around thru Mdina

Sunset at Gaia Peace Grove

This is right before I had the last pizza slice…..yes, I’m totally posing, arching my back, flexing my abdominals herolaugh…all that shit that makes one look good in photos and not like a flab of jelly…then we went and had pizza again, of course nicelaughlaugh.

DJ Earmuffs laughlaughlaugh…again with the YOLO…this is ruining my reputation

What I stuffed my face with…aka FOOD 

Arancini, a type of risotto meatball…riceball I guess….stuffed usually with chicken, mozzarella and peas, served warm. The one in the picture was a huge onebomb , we split in half. Normally they are smaller in size. They are amazing and my favorite food in Malta. The arancini are actually Sicilian in origin, so for sure you can find them in Italy as well. Actually, most of the Maltese food is Italian so never ask a local, cause they would never admit notsurewhere they got the inspiration from.

This sandwich, called ftira, I heard it’s actually Maltese…or local street food. It’s a grilled pita bread stuffed with tuna, olives, tomatoes and beans ( this one had beans also, not sure how typical it is). It’s very tasty and enough for a lunch on the go.

Cassatella siciliana or Sicilian cake. It was wonderful and different than other cakes or sweets I had before nice. It was composed of a layer of cake, huge layer of ricotta, then another layer of cake followed by a thin layer of jam and covered with torched marzipan.


Malta is the European island of catsnicenicenice. I imagine so, haven’t done any real research. These furry lazy creatures are everywhere and you can easily notice that the locals worship them and take care of them. And make sacrifices in their name and raise them statues laughgiggle.  There are baskets and blankets everywhere as well as bowls frequently filled with food.

The felines are not very active during the day, I suspect due to the heat. But in the evening you can see them everywhere, laying on cars or stairs, having walks, kitty gatherings and going about their usual routine. It was difficult to restrain myself from petting each and everyone confused. I probably saw like 40 different ones, but since we walked a lot, I knew I would not be able to wash my hands afterwards. They are very comfortable around people, much more sociable than the cats in my neighborhood and they generally come to you. Especially if you offer them a treat.

In Sliema, there is an actual kitty park, called Independence Garden. The park is their home and you are a guest, remember that if you go to visit it smile. Also, try not to disturb them. Look but don’t touch! Imagine if you would have strangers coming into your house everyday and touching things and annoying you. Not nice, I bet! Appreciate these animals but respect their space. Let them come to you if they choose to.

So that’s a small glimpse of my wonderful holiday in Malta. Do contact me if you want to visit this beautiful island or let me know what was one destination or vacation you really loved adore.

Seriously considered taken this adorable kitten home 

Last words…open your mind

If you are going to ask me if I went to the marine park in Malta, where you can swim with dolphins, you are asking the wrong person. Those creatures’ purpose in life is not to swim with you, take selfies with you, entertain your small life or live in a pool/aquarium to provide you with all that. If you want to argue with me on that, first watch The Blackfish documentary .

And if you are still not convinced then please go on living with your closed minded life and continue to give money to businesses that torture animals for our entertainment. Same goes for circuses still using exotic or domestic animals in their acts.


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