Creamy avocado toast…one of my favorite breakfasts

Here to share one of my absolute favorite breakfasts, one incredibly easy to make, delicious and super nourishing adore. It will give you a lot of power to keep you going the whole day.

Creamy Avocado Toast

It’s obviously with avocado giggle (dóh…all of my favorite breakfasts actually contain avocado). Can you imagine someone getting excited at the prospect of having avocado the next day !? NO ?…well, think again laugh. From the time I buy it (hard as a stone, argh, cause that’s how avocados are in Europe, can’t complain about this enough) until the moment I slice my knife into it, I check it every day, feel it as it ripens and thinking  what form it will take for my next meal. This all goes in my head, it sound crazy in words peek. And my friend and I are texting each other when we find already ripe ones in the store (totally nuts), cause this mean NO WAITING TIME shy. We don’t text about discounts on shoes, the newest lipstick or bags…nope, we text
about avocado…weird hippies giggle!

You can also be a hippy and share with me when you find a ripe avocado adore!

Creamy Avocado Toast Creamy Avocado Toast Creamy Avocado Toast

My tips on avocado:

  • a ripe avocado should be soft to the touch, but not too soft and mushy
  • remove the little button it has on the top: Green = ripe,  Brown = spoiled
  • if you buy a hard avocado, leave it at room temperature on the kitchen counter for 3-5 days until it’s ready and becomes soft, then I store it in the fridge until I use it

How to peel an avocado here

Creamy Avocado Toast


1 egg, hard boiled
1 ripe avocado, stoned and peeled
2 teaspoons (10 ml) lemon juice
1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley (optional)
2 slices of favorite bread
Salt and pepper


  1. Hard boil the egg and cut it slices.
  2. Slice avocado in 4, peel the slices, take the stone out and cut in into cubes, in a small bowl. Mash it with a fork until there are no large pieces left. Add the lemon juice, pinch of pepper and stir. Optionally, add parsley.
  3. Toast the bread and spread the avocado over it, then top with slices of the boiled egg.
  4. Add a bit more salt and pepper if you like
  5. Quick , easy and nourishing
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