Bake it till you make it: Back to school, Mr. Bunny

It’s back to school. Many students have started school in the last month and have their first classes. And I am one of them.

The whole shebang!

There will be a schedule and modules, theoretical and practical classes. There will be a midterm exam and a final exam, flash tests and EVEN HOMEWORK. The graded type. Gulp! My presence or absence will be closely observed. So will my involvement and activities. And OH! There is a uniform. A white tunic that must be kept cleaned and ironed at all times. The whole shebang 😅!

Besides that, I will have to meet my instructors. And my colleagues and collaborate on group tasks. That’s not scary AT ALL. Somehow, the “school playground” seems tougher now or harder to build friendships when you’re already set in your adult ways.

I have to get school supplies. YEEEY! I am now once again in the “Back to school” marketing demographic. The only difference is I can only make use of a big school backpack…the rest is useless to me. Maybe a pen. I do need to take some notes. However, what I desperately need is some baking tools: piping back, baking tins, kitchen scale, tart forms ( the fancy ones they use in professional pastries that leave itsy bitsy dots on the tart shell ), a silicone mat….a stand mixer. Hmmm…can I get by without one?! This is a bit the equivalent of asking if you can get by without a good laptop thru uni. Unless you’re Anastasia Steele, a fictional student of the 21st century that defied all odds and somehow ( HOW ?! ) stayed in touch and connected with her uni. Anyway, I shall take it as a challenge for now and stick to my hand mixer.

Homework you say ?!

So yeah, ✨starting Pastry School 🎂🍩 in case it was not obvious. Unlike the times I went to university in my 20’s, for the first time in my “academic experience” I feel like I belong, like I might do a good job, something I really look forward too. Especially the homework. In other words, my homework will be TO BAKE, people! The techniques, desserts and pastries will learn in classes will have to be reproduced at home, with details on the different conditions from the lab that we had, results, what we think went wrong or right etc. HA! Piece of cake🍰 , pun intended.

Also, since learning how to promote ones business and products is important, the school curriculum takes this aspect into account. Hence, I’ll need to revamp my Bunny social media and brush up on my photography😅😁 . It will happen in the coming weeks so bare with me while I search for my camera charger in all the packages I packed . But I am sure it will be lots of fun and I’m so thrilled to get back to creative work, now that I actually have the time for it and can fully dedicate and immerse myself. Even as I am now typing, by brain is flooded with future posts ideas and I am besides myself with excitement😊💖.

Come with me on this wonderful journey

…we have cookies🍪…and cakes🎂…and chocolate🍫…and bread🍞…and macarons…ok, it’s a whole candy bar 😁.

If you want to keep up with my pastry school shenanigans, follow my blog and social media (FB; IG) for future posts. Likewise, you can hit me up with a comment or message or even a virtual coffee date. I’m a big fan of those since the pandemic. Also, if you happen to live in Bucharest, you can help me with my homework 😉.

P.S.: I just realized that my cats could literally eat my homework. LOL!

P.P.S: I now live in Bucharest 😏.

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