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This week-end I had no recipe planned to cook, since I was very proactive and tackled this task way before its deadline. Hence why not post something over here and share it with you. Such as stuff I’m psyched about like bullet journal, a new teapot and just sharing  thoughts and what I’ve been up too.

Firstly, I’ve been watching a lot of youtubers lately. Like A LOT! I think I’ve developed a bit of an obsession for it. Until recently I used youtube mostly for music and movie trailers, but now I’m actually watching people blabbing about their lives. I’m so hoked that sometimes I’m intentionally going on the page and checking what these people have been doing lately. Have they uploaded something new ? Let’s see what they’ve been up too in the last week. Masakra! It’s addictive, today’s telenovela.

 I caught this youtube bug thru one of my friends, who is a travel youtuber (you can watch his video’s here). I started interrogating him how youtube works. Not that I want to be a youtuber, God no! I can barely take a decent selfie so I definitely don’t want my face in a video. But I do like to learn about things so why not ask.

Most of the stuff are useless, like vlogs or what people have in their closets and what not.  Nevertheless, here and there in these videos you can hear about some interesting things. Now I’m strictly referring to lifestyle youtubers (or whatever they’re called), those that vlog their way to the supermarket to buy a cucumber.

If you’re dying to know who I subscribe too, it’s not many. I really enjoy QCKND for a few reasons. She has a lot of topics on tattoos and not just informative ones, but subtitle issues like how other people perceive tattooed people, how to deal with people’s judgment and so on. Topics I can either relate to. She’s super cute and natural, I see her like an anime character :). I learn about many of the current things from USA like artists, websites, food, hip words, hobbies, you name it :). She mentioned many time how she tackles youtube as well as a full time job. It’s a one man show doing everything by her self so it’s reassuring to see I’m not alone….since I’m on this topic.

I also subscribed to Katrin Berndt . She’s a Swedish vloger with a very strong personality. The girl is not afraid to say when she doesn’t give a fudge, which some of us (me) lack sometimes. She also youtubes plenty about tattoos and other topics, but what I’ve appreciated lately is that she’s been very honest with her viewers. She’s struggling to figure out what she wants to do apart from youtube. Some bloggers or youtubers portray perfection, like they have all their shit together, life is perfect and everything goes according to plan. They forget to be real. And some also have a team of people to back them up. It’s a natural need once you reach a certain level and your platform flourishes into a well developed business. Nonetheless they forget sometimes to keep some part of it authentic.

And of course  I fallow Lorraine. Like HELLO, how could I not ?!  I love the woman 🙂 and one of her cook books is the reason I started Tuesday Poaching. She bakes, she’s physically active, and she makes video’s. She speaks about nutrition, mental health and baking. Not to mention that she creates amazing cook books.

It was actually in one of these videos, Katrin’s, that I heard about the bullet journal. I came to realize that I’m one of those people that gets quickly enthusiastic about all sorts of stuff. New hobbies, books, artists, products, topics and so on, I spend a good amount of time researching, obsessing and talking about it. Usually it might also involve some shopping intentions which I keep shy of cause I know my pitfalls. It reaches its peak where I would even dream about it (cause I’ve become so delirious and insane with my newly found source of excitement ). And then it just fizzles out. After a few days or weeks it just goes away. I show zero interest, all the excitement and thoughts turn into a deflated sad balloon that no one wants.

So I’m trying to be very mindful about bullet journaling. I did my research, what it is, what’s the purpose, how it can benefit me and I didn’t go crazy in the stationary department. Even though I want to. I crave it so badly. All those colorful pens and stickers and glitter. But no, I decided to test it for a few months and when and if I will finish this cheap simple journal that I have, then I will invest in a bullet journal “approved” note book.  And maybe a few other items.

Basically it’s an agenda, planner and journal, all in one, that you lay out  according to your needs. It can be as simple or complex as you make it to be. As clean and straight forward or embellished and colorful as you want. The purpose is to suit your needs and to create your own layout. Unlike the traditional agendas that already have that prepared and confine you in it’s own layout.

Something worth mentioning is to remember that the aim of the whole thing is to help you. To keep track of your daily activities or dump random thoughts on paper and not how pretty or artistic it is. I keep mine more on the simple side cause it works better for me. Of course I made a few spelling or design mistakes here and there, but who cares ? It helped me thru out the week, to keep everything in one place. It was good to relief my mind of the tasks or appointments I had. I put some future goals, plans and ideas on paper. And I have to say it really helped me get some stuff done and be more focused thru out my day. As a result of this, I truly wish to consciously invest a tiny bit of daily effort to turn it into a routine.

I won’t go into further details, I’ll just leave some links I found useful. But if this is the year you want to bring some planning, structure or you feel the need for changes, than I definitely recommend trying the bullet journal. It’s a bit overwhelming and takes some time to fill it in at the beginning. Still, after that it took me 2 min everyday to prepare my tasks for the coming day.  And there’s something so gratifying about crossing task off a list. Or looking back on the things you’ve managed or thoughts you casted on paper. I’m already publishing a post after one week of using my journal. Proof that it increased my efficiency. The again I might still be in the excitement phase.

Official Site
Most recommended bullet journal . Or any dotted paper note book.
All about bullet journal 101, planning, calligraphy blogs: BohoBerry ; TinyRayOfSunshine
Some Youtube videos I liked: Jaaananannn  (my favorite by far); SarahHawkinson; BohoBerry; AlexandraPlans  (simple lettering and doodling)
FB groups: MinimalistBulletJournals ; BulletJournalJunkiesBulletJournalBeginners 
IG #bulletjournal 

If a bullet journal doesn’t sound appealing to you , there are free printables planner for 2017 that I found.

Here’s a sneak peak at my bullet journal. For sure I’ll be much better at organizing the spreads the second time around. Still I’m really pleased with it.

My future log. I put some months and days in Polish cause I’m taking Polish classes and this helps.

Month overview where I put the weekly tasks and appointments or whenever I have something new.

Daily tasks and thoughts go here.

I made a section for blog related planning.

A birthday tracker cause I want to improve my birthday wishes skills and I refuse to use Facebook.

Now let’s talk about that TEAPOT. Not only is it useful, but also beautiful in it’s simplicity. Not too mention that it’s inexpensive (we got it from IKEA). I love seeing the fruits thru the glass teapot and it makes me want to make my own tea.  In fact, I’m not a proper tea drinker. For instance, I only drink tea if it has lemon and honey and I can’t stomach black tea. Especially loose leaves. I enjoy the tea that comes in a tea bag. Although that’s not real tea. I’m also a lousy wine drinker. Have I mentioned that this is Marcin’s teapot cause he’s the heavy real tea drinker ?! I just…steal it now and then.

Have a fruitful, happy,  positive, uneventful,carefree, challenging , calm, exciting or what ever the fudge you want 2017 !!!
Just do what makes you happy 🙂

Leave me a comment down below, e-mail or social media if you have any questions, you want to start a bullet journal with me or let me what your plans are for 2017.

Humma Kavula!

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  1. 1. Youtube fanatic for 5 years now: my favourite is Fleur de Force by far. I also watch SacconneJolys sometimes but the content got diluted and they’ve become rich and a bit snobby 😀

    2. I have the same teapot.

    3. Your planner looks great! I’ve definitely a planner girl, bullet ting and all 🙂 I use the large Ban Do planner. It’s amazing!

    Lots of kisses from snowy Romania!

    • Mr. Bunny

      My first subscribing was kandee johnson, you showed her to me in Belgium 🙂 . But I don’t watch her stuff anymore. Exactly, some get snobby or fake after some time.

      Yeeey, teapot sisters 😛 . I just checked your planner, so beautiful…and full of stickers :O !!!

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